Monday, October 3, 2011

The brand new Lacoste store

Hey everyone,

This weekend a few Bombay fashion bloggers got together to get a sneak peak of the new Lacoste store in a suburban mall (Infiniti Mall, Malad). Known for its iconic crocodile logo, this French sportswear cum lifestyle brand is changing gear in India..and we went through their latest autumn/winter collection to experience what's new about the brand.

Famous for its classic polo neck tees, Lacoste is now spreading its presence in India with its Live sub brand..I specially like the way they play with the crocodile logo in various shapes and sizes. The retro tennis pictures add to the vintage feel in the store but a little more zing and colour on the display window will help them stand out from the outside too..

You all should definitely take a look at the store and let me know what you thought about.. For now here are some pictures of the stuff I found at the store..

Thanks to the Lacoste team, Khyati you were great..

DSC_0184 (3)
DSC_0186 (3)
DSC_0185 (3)
DSC_0192 (3)
DSC_0182 (3)
DSC_0188 (3)
DSC_0193 (3)
DSC_0191 (3)
DSC_0190 (2)
My friend Aastha from Indian Summer
DSC_0197 (2)