Thursday, August 15, 2013

Rained Out Once Again!

Ok, I had plans to go out shoot and put some fun pictures but then again the rains decided to spoil the party..but I was determined to have some pictures here they are. I have had this gold skirt for over a year but haven't featured it on the blog, it's really the perfect thing to lighten up a dull, dark day like how it was today, I have paired it with a bright orange shirt with some gold rivet detailing on the shoulders.

I have had unusually dull days over the past week.. blame it on the weather..that's easy!!
Nah! it has to be something you guys also get this feeling like when every day just seems like it is a repeat of yesterday, it gives me a sinking feeling thinking I need to do something new..Do you guys have any suggestions? Just that work takes so much of my time but that is the challenge right? Please tell me how you all reinvigorate yourselves? Anyway, I shall not go on with this drab talk, on the brighter side there is an awesome giveaway I am hosting, do enter if you want to own a pretty, pretty dress from Romwe
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Wearing shirt, skirt and sandals from H*M, bag and pendant c/o Youshine, belt from Mango gifted, watch from a Flea.

Also, here are some offers from Romwe, check 'em out!

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday Lovin'

hello guys,

I finally have a few more than two-three pictures to share with you in this post. I will keep the post short so that you guys can spend your time seeing the pictures I shot over the weekend (Sunday)..hopefully you all will like them:)

I am splashing a lot of colors, shine and love on you all so that you can wade through the week happy and stylish.








Wearing Camouflage studded shirt C/o Romwe, floral dress/clutch--Forever 21, Pink glittery shoes

Also, there is a tshirt and shorts sale happening over at Romwe, get your hands of some of the super stuff there.

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