Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Long gone but here again!

Hey guys,
I guess there is no way I can find any excuse for coming to my blog once in two months ..So I shall get on with this post, yes, finally after much procrastination I am here with one! I am sure this is not an excuse for not blogging but I have been travelling the whole of this month..ok..ok..I have become a reluctant blogger but it wasn't this way when I started off almost three years back..It's not easy to work full time and do justice to the high pressure world of fashion blogging, I say!

These are some shots from the time that I was away from Bombay..hopefully I will reinvigorate this blog very soon..Btw happy festivities to all my Indian followers this time of the year is much cherished..


Wearing jacket, shoes and pants from H&M,

Skirt from SF thrift store, basic tee H&M


Shorts from a Korean brand, polka dotted over sized shirt from Forever 21, shoes from H&M