Monday, February 13, 2012

Latin American inspiration..

Hey guys, How was your weekend? I was super sick the last weekend and some part of this week, too, but a lot better now. For a change, I thought I will introduce you guys to some interesting people and therefore this post of mine profiles this upcoming Argentinian model who happens to be a friend's girlfriend..I have always been struck by these Latin American beauties and Andrea is gorgeous. Here is a short interaction we had about stuff, hope you all will enjoy the read..
1. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you became a model?
I’m from Misiones, a northern province of Argentina where there are the Iguazú waterfalls. I think I’m very lucky since I travelled around the world working and getting to know very interesting people. I have a son who makes me smile every day and I’m about to get married. I became a model when a person found me in my hometown, Eldorado.
2. What have been your big international modelling assigmnment?
I remember two moments that marked my professional career. Working with Azzedine Alaïa, one of the most prestigious designers of the world, from whom I learned a lot and have done Vogue Japan with Ellen von Unwerth. andrea 5 andrea

3. How difficult is it to be a successful model in Latin America considering there are so many young girls who want to join this profession? The Latin American market changes constantly. That’s the biggest difficulty but you make a difference when you are professional. Being responsible, punctual and working with energy and proactivity are the keys for success. Behind each production -photographic, for a TV commercial or for the cinema- there are many people working. Being professional is really important for the team.
4. Tell us about the style trends you are following and whether you follow street style blogs? I’m fascinated by author designs. I’m not a fan of productions in large scale since we all seem to be uniformed on the streets. I like to live fashion more than reading about it. I follow blogs like Scott Schuman’s “The Sartorist”, “Face Hunter” and “Ale Garcia 360”. This is an Argentine fashion producer that I strongly recommend to follow.
andrea 6 andrea 4
5. What according to you is fashion and how do you define your personal style?
Fashion is the way people express themselves. It can be personal or not, but it is a reflection of what we feel when we dress up every day. I have an elegant transgressive style. I love shopping vintage clothes and redesign them. And I lose my mind for shoes and purses.
6. Do you follow Indian fashion, movies? What do you like about eastern style?
I’ve seen Indian movies but mostly they are the ones that transcend your borders. I think Indian fashion is super interesting. I don’t lose a chance to buy something from your culture when I can use it with western clothes. They are very stylish and feel very comfortable. andrea 7

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