Saturday, December 31, 2011

Am back and I promise more of my blog in 2012!

If I had to sum up 2011 I would say it was a year which went by in a jiffy and left much to be desired personally for me.I have had a busy year at work which meant I could not keep pace with everything that happened in the blogosphere. It is going to be two years since I first started blogging and 2012 is going to be the year when I come back with a vengeance.

I need all your support, suggestions and a lot of love if I were to make a comeback:)
Ok, now I am getting dramatic, I guess effects of the nostalgia attached with the whole end of the year thing.

I close the year, a year when I have not been able to give any time to Street Style, with the resolution to bounce back. Here is what I wore to work on a perfect winter morning according to Bombay standards..this is one week when you want to be home, laze around but poor me I have no such luck...

Anyway, here is wishing you all lovelies a great 2012. Come back for more in the next year, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Happy New Year once again..
Love, SS


Wearing Zara pants, Scarf from Promod, gold bracelet from flea at Bliss, Versova

Monday, October 3, 2011

The brand new Lacoste store

Hey everyone,

This weekend a few Bombay fashion bloggers got together to get a sneak peak of the new Lacoste store in a suburban mall (Infiniti Mall, Malad). Known for its iconic crocodile logo, this French sportswear cum lifestyle brand is changing gear in India..and we went through their latest autumn/winter collection to experience what's new about the brand.

Famous for its classic polo neck tees, Lacoste is now spreading its presence in India with its Live sub brand..I specially like the way they play with the crocodile logo in various shapes and sizes. The retro tennis pictures add to the vintage feel in the store but a little more zing and colour on the display window will help them stand out from the outside too..

You all should definitely take a look at the store and let me know what you thought about.. For now here are some pictures of the stuff I found at the store..

Thanks to the Lacoste team, Khyati you were great..

DSC_0184 (3)
DSC_0186 (3)
DSC_0185 (3)
DSC_0192 (3)
DSC_0182 (3)
DSC_0188 (3)
DSC_0193 (3)
DSC_0191 (3)
DSC_0190 (2)
My friend Aastha from Indian Summer
DSC_0197 (2)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

That Vintage Feeling

Hey guys,
Hope all of you lovelies are doing great, sorry for the long, long absence.
Things have been all over the place and the incessant rains here in Bombay has only made things worse. But I finally decided to do an outfit post after #uYK the rains, I decided to shoot inside my apartment.
I am wearing this vintage skirt and top i picked up from 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas in Brooklyn,NY..and I love these red brogues..Tell me how you all liked this look..

And hoping for the rains to go away so that I can go out and start shooting soon..

Wearing vintage skirt and top from 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas, red brogues from POP, Brooklyn, bag from a Barcelona vintage store.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The brand new Hermès store in town

Ok, so here is one store you would love to visit, not only to get your hands on an Hermès scarf or the much coveted Birkin bag, but to appreciate this superbly done up place. The aesthetics of the store lie in its minimalism.. Street Style was there on the second day of the store's opening to capture some shots for everyone to see. Housed in an old, Victorian style building, this flagship Hermès store is the first luxury store in India out on the streets.

Located at the historical Horniman Circle,in the Fort district, the store overlooks the grand Asiatic Library oozing an old world charm. Although, one can easily do without all the traffic generated chaos, it does not take away from the exclusivity of the store one bit.

The grandiose of the store is clearly in its first floor which boasts of an art gallery, right now showing the work of German photographer Karen Knorr. There are only a few Hermes stores across the world which have a gallery, so all you Bombay people feel special.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures and let me know when you all visit the store of what you thought of it.

Thanks to the lovely Ashita Misquitta for taking me around. You were a great hostess.













Address- 15A Horniman Circle, opp the Asiatic Library, Fort Mumbai 01

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flea shopping in New York

Guys, this is a quick post with some pictures I took while I was visiting New York.
Weekend fleas are the best way to spend your afternoons on a sunny day.Walk around, laze a bit while you pick up some great things in the piles of vintage stuff all around you. I will do a separate post on all the lovely vintage, thrift and second-hand stores I visited. Till then enjoy the fleas!

Saturday at Hell's Kitchen
DSC_0005 (4)
DSC_0002 (3)

Sunday at the Williamsburg Flea at Brooklyn

Monday, June 27, 2011

While on holiday!

I am here, yes, to put all the speculation to rest, I haven't stopped blogging.
I got a lot of mails asking me where I had disappeared. Well it just so happened that the last one month has been super crazy and then I was not in the country for two weeks. But now I am back, yay! These are some random pictures of me while I was in Boston, Chicago and NYC. Thought I will put a quick post to tell all of you lovely people that I am back and follow up with a couple of posts on all the awesome vintage and second hand stores I visited..For now ciao!

DSC_0003 (2)

DSC_0004 (3)

Wearing vintage yellow top from 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas, Brooklyn, shorts from Vero Moda, shoes H&M, boyfriend jacket from Zara, bag from Primark

DSC_0091 (2)


Wearing vintage pink top from 10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas, Brooklyn, brooch gifted by my sweetheart friend Aastha,high-waisted pants from Mango

DSC_0315 (2)

DSC_0316 (2)

Wearing skirt & shoes from H&M, zara top, primark bag


Wearing all Zara!