Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday evening fun, I resurfaced.

Hello everyone,

I don't know if you guys missed my posts but I sure did missed blogging over the last few months.  I have only become so rare on this blogging circuit that all you lovely readers of mine may have forgotten I even I thought before I completely get wiped out and see my 3 year-old blog die a premature death I should resurface. Thanks to my sweetheart friend Aastha from Indian Summer who came up with the idea of doing a shoot together, just for fun on a Saturday evening before going for coffer at our neighbourhood cafe.

By now you guys know I am not into giving tips, suggestions and ideas on how to dress best, this blog is only about what I wear and what I think is stylish around me but if in the course of things I can help someone to match things better I am more than happy..

I  promise earnestly I will do more posts this year, I really do..On that note, here are some pictures from what we wore, hope you guys like them..the first picture is a bit blurred, blame the camera settings but I still love her smile:)





Aastha is wearing a Zara shirt and gold loafers from Zara again..pinl clutch gifted from her sis-in-law..



Skirt- promod, printed shirt from a thrift store in Haight Ashbury, SF, shoes H&M, satchel from flea in Candies

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