Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sale at Street Style

Guys, here is round one of our online sale..please get in touch with us if you want any of this stuff to be sent across to you..buyers in the Mumbai area will not be charged any shipping charges. Do mail us for any queries.

For international buyers, a paypal account will be mandatory, and the shipping prices will be included. The prices will not be a straight conversion to your currency since the rupee is weaker to the dollar and euro.


Green knot up sandals--brand new
Brand-Sole to Soul
Price- Rs 300/$10

Mail sharma.samidha@gmail.com



Leopard print dress from Bizarre
Worn once before, brand new.
Size- S to M
Price-- Rs 600/ $ 15

mail sharma.samidha@gmail.com for more details.


bollywoodstylediaries said...

This is an awesome idea!! I have so many clothes that I have worn only once. Unfortunately, I think shipping from US to india will be very expensive:( Even if I charge nothing for clothes, the shipping will kill..

Anonymous said...

where can i post the stuff that i have that can be included in the sale ??

Street Style said...

@bollywoodstylediaries--yes,the shipping charges will be killer:(
@gypsygirl--follow us on our facebook page,you can put stuff for sale through us:)

Saray said...

thank you very muuuch!!!:)