Friday, July 22, 2011

The brand new Hermès store in town

Ok, so here is one store you would love to visit, not only to get your hands on an Hermès scarf or the much coveted Birkin bag, but to appreciate this superbly done up place. The aesthetics of the store lie in its minimalism.. Street Style was there on the second day of the store's opening to capture some shots for everyone to see. Housed in an old, Victorian style building, this flagship Hermès store is the first luxury store in India out on the streets.

Located at the historical Horniman Circle,in the Fort district, the store overlooks the grand Asiatic Library oozing an old world charm. Although, one can easily do without all the traffic generated chaos, it does not take away from the exclusivity of the store one bit.

The grandiose of the store is clearly in its first floor which boasts of an art gallery, right now showing the work of German photographer Karen Knorr. There are only a few Hermes stores across the world which have a gallery, so all you Bombay people feel special.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures and let me know when you all visit the store of what you thought of it.

Thanks to the lovely Ashita Misquitta for taking me around. You were a great hostess.













Address- 15A Horniman Circle, opp the Asiatic Library, Fort Mumbai 01


Gayatri said...

Great photos Samidha. Are the prices comparable to the US or is it much much higher like at LV India? Just curious.

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Great pics...
Smokey Eyes with Lakme

Megha said...

nice pics

flounces and slashes said...

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