Saturday, January 15, 2011

Working weekend:(

Hey guys, It's been one hectic week and to add to all the chaos am off to work on a saturday, not that it's anything new for us journalists..this is my Saturday office look, hope you guys are having a better and a more relaxing Saturday and happy weekend!
DSCF9925 - Copy.JPG_effected

Wearing FCUK top, Zara brogues and pants,gold belt- forever new, vintage sling bag-ebay

15 comments: said...

Love the top babes!!! And your hair do is look exceptionally smashing :)

Polka Princess said...

Love the pleated trousers.......the top is pretty too!! Great look for a working Saturday! :))

Tami said...

Oh my, I love the outfit! I adore the trousers so so much, and the shoes are gorgeous. You've got a great blog, girl, and I can't wait for your next post!

xoxo Tami at

A, J and S said...

I love the polka dot top it's so cute! Perfect work outfit!

silent fionna said...

i love your outfit it's so cool!!

Anonymous said...

LOOOVVEE the shirt, Samidha!

Looking good! :)


Anonymous said...

This is my first time on your blog and I am totally in love with your header. So did you create it/ get it done?

On another note....your bangs are delightful.....I have hair almost as thick as yours and was always scared to sport bangs....but now you've inspired me.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin - A Toronto based personal style blog

Estela said...


Streak Hue Fall said...

Discovered your blog today!
And i love it already !!

Love the pants and the brogues :)

Street Style said...
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Street Style said...

Thank you lovely ladies for such kind words.Much appreciated:)

Jacqueson said...

the polaroid quality in all your photos is pretty remarkable. great editing

Karishma R said...

*Love* the brogues Samidha. ALso, mentioned you on my blog.

Much love,

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Love your top and belt!!!! Love the look totally!!! :)
Fashion Panache now Sells!!!

anaghaa said...

Love the shirt..So awesome:)