Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just another day at work..

Guys, am sorry for being extremely sporadic in updating the blog but I haven't been keeping too well and things have been a little hectic at work.
This post will be a quick one but from next week onwards I promise to make a weekly appearance at least as I have been doing.
I bring back the two stylish girls Mansi and Pronoti to Street Style as a lot of you liked the last post. Hope I can bring to you guys more of their varied styles in the weeks to come.
The basic theme these days while you dress up should be to keep the comfort factor at the forefront considering its so hot in this part of the world. And you will see that in all the outfits pictured here. Hope you have a great week ahead and keep it stylish.


Pronoti's wearning pants from Mesh,Bandra, tank and chappals from Colaba Causeway, bag from W.
She says since the pants have a tweed-like pattern, she thought a tank top in a warm, contrasting colour would go well.


Mansi's faux-denim high-waisted pants from Phuket..


Samidha's skirt from Cottonworld, top and shoes from Zara, Sonic Youth bag from Berlin flea, Purple vintage belt from Laly, Prague.


songbird said...

really like all of them..but how can she wear a scarf in this heat!!!i am sitting in my room and melting..nice to see fellow indians dressing up in this heat too.

TheGirlAtFirstAvenue said...

Love the first outfit..! I think am going crazy over yellows and oranges this summer!

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keschen said...

love them all..simple but chic :)

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Anonymous said...

love mansi's blue shoes..
do check my blog,
vranda :D

Meher said...

I love Pronoti's pants to the point of obsession. Oh, how I need to visit Mesh again. :)