Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday evening fun, I resurfaced.

Hello everyone,

I don't know if you guys missed my posts but I sure did missed blogging over the last few months.  I have only become so rare on this blogging circuit that all you lovely readers of mine may have forgotten I even I thought before I completely get wiped out and see my 3 year-old blog die a premature death I should resurface. Thanks to my sweetheart friend Aastha from Indian Summer who came up with the idea of doing a shoot together, just for fun on a Saturday evening before going for coffer at our neighbourhood cafe.

By now you guys know I am not into giving tips, suggestions and ideas on how to dress best, this blog is only about what I wear and what I think is stylish around me but if in the course of things I can help someone to match things better I am more than happy..

I  promise earnestly I will do more posts this year, I really do..On that note, here are some pictures from what we wore, hope you guys like them..the first picture is a bit blurred, blame the camera settings but I still love her smile:)





Aastha is wearing a Zara shirt and gold loafers from Zara again..pinl clutch gifted from her sis-in-law..



Skirt- promod, printed shirt from a thrift store in Haight Ashbury, SF, shoes H&M, satchel from flea in Candies


Rupa said...

Loving Astha's necklace and the gold loafers...Your skirt is so cute..

Pragya sharma said...

perfect pairing of white printed shirt with neon pink!

go jelloid said...

love that shirt very trendy:)

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