Sunday, May 9, 2010

I wanted to dress up for it's the weekend but the heat outside made me think twice. My husband and I were going shopping...and I really wanted to wear this dress which I got from a vintage store but it wasn't really apt for the sweaty Bombay heat.

So I finally decided to wear this orange kurti which I dug out from my pile of old clothes a month back when I was visiting my folks. I knew it was time I revisited it. I wore it with this beige skirt.

OOOh and I just bought these oversized retro Wayfarers, how do they look? Btw, the bag is from Kala Ghoda..


Samantha said...

Hey, just found 'Street Style's blog, this is great :)

you can follow mine here:

Street Style said...

hey, thanks..yes will be putting up a lot more stuff here besides the facebook page..