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Spotted On The Streets
Samidha Sharma, 06 May 2010, 06:10 PM IST

Big thanks to everyone for such a great response to my introductory post. The next step is for all of you to start contributing with your own take on street fashion and make this space even better. I want to keep the flow going from my last piece and give you a glimpse of the nascent street fashion culture that I wrote about last time.

This time with the help of a few pictures. Hopefully, these will inspire some of you, at least, to turn photographers the next time you see someone uniquely styled out on the streets. And do let me know if that happens, we would love to see the pictures right here on Style Decoded.

The pictures I am posting here are from Wearabout , Purple Peeptoes and Street Style clicked by bloggers who are out there, on the streets with the aim of capturing varied , off the wall styles being sported by people.

On the Left- Matching your clothes and accessories bit by bit is totally passe'. With the whole mismatched look, stockings with sneakers and sling bags, this punk-inspired look makes quite a statement. Paired with cat-eye glasses the two girls stand out thanks to their eclectic mixing.

Photo Credit- Purple-Peeptoes

On the Right- Now, this is a complete hippie/boho look with most of the stuff bought from a suburban train station in Mumbai. Yes, so next time you hop onto a local train, look out for these great bargains. Highly recommended are the bangles, earrings and other accessories for dirt cheap prices. We hear this dress is stocked in boutiques for a few thousand bucks, criminal I say.

Photo Credit- Street Style on Facebook.

On the Left-This DIY look sees a skirt being worn as a tube top over a white sleeveless tank top, try it with one of your elastic waist band skirts. To add to the distressed look is the jute grocery bag and the slip-ons. Can be worn with or without the leggings.

Photo Credit- Wearabout

On the Right-This knee-length black dress clubbed with a pair of plain white jazz shoes just shows how one can blend the colours black and white in different ways and still not look hackneyed. The over-sized glasses throw in a toned down look to the outfit. The same dress can be worn in a very formal way if paired with heels but this one looks way better.

Photo Credit- Wearabout

On the Left-The bag and the gladiator sandals are picked up from a roadside shop in Bandra, Mumbai. Don't we all love it when we find such great stuff without having to empty out our wallets. The mineral wash skinny jeans look totally retro and go very well with the multi-coloured studded bag. Try this look at anytime of the day, you just can't go wrong with it.

Photo Credit- Street Style on Facebook.

Do let me know if you want to see more of what people are wearing on the streets. It just so happens that this post only captures the Mumbai street style, but it will be great if some of you can send me pictures from other cities too.

So keep an eye out and I am sure you will find exciting stuff out there on the streets.


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