Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another Giveaway, yay!

Ok, so after one great giveaway just ended Street Style India now collaborates with Zephyr Couture to give all you lovelies the chance to win this awesome bag. Don't you think that green is just the right pop of colour to brighten your summer wardrobe? So what are you thinking just enter this contest and you may be carrying this bag very soon..

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Just answer this simple question

What outfit and occasion would you carry this bag the best to? 

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Put your answer in the comment box right here and please put the name by which you are following the blog and the facebook pages along with your email addresses.

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Last Date for entries is May 15, 2012.

Good Luck Everyone.


Eneda said...

WOW! thanks for another amazing giveaway. I would love to wear this green bag with my white dress and yellow high heels for my upcoming birthday. Thanks!

Lushi said...

I adore this bag. I would love to wear with a gold dress that I have for mothers day. Thank you for hosting it.

Keti said...

I would love to wear it with a white skirt and red shirt. The green with add more color and life. Thanks

Keti said...

I followed your amazing blog via GFC.

Eneda said...

I already like you on facebook.

vandana choudhary said...

i would like to carry this bag with nice suit on occassion like party because this bag is really very pretty and it will ad glamour to my look.i like this color so much because it suits on me.i hope to win this gorgeous bag.go green

vandana choudhary said...

i would carry this bag with purple suit on occasion like party because its very pretty and will add glamour to my look

preethi said...

Thanks for the give away.....

Gfc ..preethiprasad

FB name.."cutepinknpurple"

hope i will win..:)

dEe said...

Well well, anything for this awesome giveaway!! The occasion would have to be my upcoming 23rd birthday !! And the outfit would be my absolute favorite LBD from Benetton !! :)

- Shivi Dwivedi

Roxanne said...

Well the occasion will be my week long holiday. Plans are still on, and the destination could be Thailand or Bali or even Turkey (fingers crossed)
Outfits - Will definitely have to be picked well to match the bag mostly throughout the trip!

GFC : roxstar_mcr
Fb : Roxanne Kimberely

Valeria T. said...

Everyday! It's an amazing bag to carry all day long, with a mini green dress and a pair of lovely flat sandals! I want to carry also a lot of golden and etnic bangles and rings! ^_^ A very easy chic outfit! Green it's a wonderful color for this summer! I Hope To Win!! I love this Giveaway!

I follow Street Style Blog on GFC, I'm Valeria Tilli. And on BlogLovin, Mail: And I follow Zephyr Couture and Street Style Blog on FB, on FB I'm Valeria Tilli.

Style-Delights said...

Is this contest open for outside India participants? Hope you are having a wonderful day!
BTW, New post on my blog!
Style-Delights Blog
Let's Twitter Together

Rafia said...

Hi!..I am Rafia,..I love the colour our this Gorgeous bag,..I believe Colour blocking is the On going super duper trend these days,so I would Style it with a nice white T-shirt/shirt with a Neon yellow blazer & a Black Jeans/tights,..or to play safe as it always works I would team it with a Black Dress & Golden Accessories,for a fine evening,.....It's a must have colour this summer & I personally plan to buy it if I don't win it here...
I follow Zephyr for quiet sometime now & now have started following you too on facebook,as Rafia M. Siddiqui.
I follow your blog via GFC & bloglovin as Rafia.
Email -
Thanks to u & Zephyr for this awesome refreshing giveaway this Summer.

bha said...

What outfit and occasion would you carry this bag the best to?

answer - this bag is beautiful that it will go along with both indian and western outfit.Green is my favorite color . i will carry it for special occasion like going out on a date teaming it up with my pretty white dress and green heels <3
fb username -bhavna pande
gfc- bhavna pande
email -


i would luv to wear this bag with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a nice green jacket and accessories it with some lovely long necklaces that wld absolutely look lively under d sun... GREEN is indeed d colour of summer n this outfit wld juz b perfect.<3 this cld b carried off well at nightime of d day or night..
fb name.-smita carolyn

ITz SHIVANGI said...



TWITTER ID: itz_very_me
blogger name: itz-shivangi


I'm A Love Addict said...

I would wear it with a blue dress and black heels on a girls night out,

Dosta Radnjanska

rhitima said...

well,what an awesome giveaway!wow!i fell in love with this bag right away and simply had to participate!
i would like to add,that i absolutely loved your blog!
anyway,coming to your question regarding what would be the best occasion and outfit that will complement this bag,the immediate picture that came into my mind was me wearing a linen white shirt,a wardrobe classic and must have,with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.The bag will add a glamour quotient to this classic attire,and it will be a 'street style' too eh?:p.the perfect occasion would be a girls day out?not only will the bag be a statement,it also will be my companion for all my basic necessities!The kohl in my eyes,grace in my walk,joy in my laughter and ta da the perfect way to use this bag!Honestly,given a choice,i would use this bag anytime and everytime!Who needs a particular reason for it anyway! :p

rhitima said...

wow!!!what an awesome give away!you know i would like to tell you right away how much i loved your blog!
coming to your question,my way of carrying the bag would be with a white linen shirt,a wardrobe classic and must have along with a pair of dark blue skinny jeans!the bag will stand out and be an eye catcher!a simple yet classic look would be the perfect street style eh?:p.honestly,given a choice i would like to use the bag everyday,however,a girls day out would be perfect way to show off this bag which not only is a statement but also will meet my basic necessities because it'll have all i need on such days!the kohl in my eyes,the grace in my walk,the joy in my laughter would be do complete justice to this. :)
my id is

jainee gandhi said...

The lovely is very lovely and fresh, it can instantly jazz up a simple monochromatic outfit or simple color block it. I have no particular occasion in mind but have os mnay combinations ringing in my head. it will look good with brown military pants and a white shirt to give that oomph or can be used with basic jeens and a tee for a day out or jaaz up my evenings with a lovely Tangerine dress, high heels and the green bag.
FB name : Jainee Bhandari Gandhi
email :

pooja kopargaonkar said...

it is a beautiful bag and can be paired with anything :)
i would love to pair it with white crisp collar shirt, black well fitted pants, black heels, minimal make-up and the occasion for which i will be pairing it will be my job interview, which is going to be by end of this month:)(interviews are the most important occasions when you are 23 and looking for a job :)
you see when you are in a interview everything counts and with my formal look, i think this bag will speak volumes about my style and make me look stylish, graceful and reflects my choice :)

fb name: pooja kopargaonkar, i have shared giveaway on my wall, following both the pages
following you with my gmail id:

pooja kopargaonkar said...

my facebook email id is :

and link of my facebook share:

Valeria T. said...

I forgot to share the GiveAway on FB:

I hope my entry is valid now! :) Thanks!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

i would mix it with some coral and jeans!! would wear it as a day look! -
Following Blog - Kellina's Thoughts.
Following Facebook - Jessica Borg. Email -

Aparajita said...

I would love to wear this dress with tribal prints, it should add a nice flair.

Aparajita said...

Liked both pages on facebook.
Following on Bloglovin.

Aparajita said...

Shared the giveaway

Nids said...

Wow lovely...............such a pretty bag!

I would pair it with my yellow summer dress and pair it with same green shoes. This so perfect for summers. Will paint my nails bright coral to add to the colorful look.

Email: nidhiagra@yahoo
FB: Nidhi Chandna

Jasmine Bhatia said...

I am going to carry this bag on a very special occasion which happens to be my best friend’s bachelorette party which is next month, its her big day before the D-day and I am the host so I have to look fabulous aswell apart from arranging everything ;) So I am gonna team it up with my Little black dress and Green pumps (same green color as the bag) and a golden handcuff bangle to complete the whole look!! And do i need to say that this green bag would make an all black outfit more interesting :)

Following on blogger and 5707th fan of Street Style :)) on facebook (via Jasmine Bhatia)
Email id:

anu walia said...

It’s the Perfect Handbag For Every Occasion I would say :)

I can carry this bag to work pairing with formal trousers and pastel shirts, OR
I can carry it while taking taking the kids out for a picnic pairing it with a denim capri and a white ruffle top..OR
I can carry this bag to a brunch with my lovely friends pairing it with a nice summer dress.OR
I can carry this bag to a late night party pairing it with a little black dress and heels....
But out of all these......I am going to carry it on one of the most special days of my life :) my kid sister is getting married soon and I have already purchased a lehenga in orange and green combination for the sangeet and mehendi function…the theme of the event is green and gold and guess what the green color is the same as the bag :)....this bag would look just perfect with the attire and I would be able to carry a lot of important things in it..what more could I ask for :) I had been looking for a bag like this since I bought the lehenga <3 Love it, its absolutely stunning, stylish and perfect!!

Done all the steps:
GFC: Anu Walia
Liked both the fan pages on Face book : Walia Angel

Anonymous said...

I'd wear this bag at an upcoming wedding with a beige colored dress and black heels.

April Crisafulli

Praveena said...

Red skinny pants, beige blouse, nude heels. I'd keep wear this with my favorite guess gold watch and my wayfarers and this green bag will strike a balance with the rest of the hues in my outfit. Perfect for a casual chatty lunch with my friends or I'd wear it to the movies.

following you as : Praveena Alexander
e-mail id:
FB liked both the pages!
yes, shared the link as well x

Praveena Alexander said...

Red skinny pants, Beige flowy top, Nude heels, my favorite wayfarers, my gold watch and this forest green bag which will contract the hues and the monochrome in rest of the outfit giving it the apt touch of color. I'd like to carry it off for a casual chatty lunch with my friends or wear it to the movies.

Praveena Alexander, yes, FB liked both the pages & shared the link as well.
E-mail i.d -

Prerana said...

FB: Prerana kedia Ranjan (liked both pages)
shared in Fb :):)
nd in twitter too
its a vry bfull bag,in trend :):)
i think i cn rock Indian as well as Western outfit with this gorgs bag :):)...can take it wid me to shopping, friends outin, relatives place nd many more places :)

Prerana said...

blogged here:

Sudhaa Gopinath said...

GFC Follower - Sudhaa
Email -
Facebook Follower - Sudhaa Gopinath
I would rock this bag when i wear my dark blue denim pant and crisp white shirt and of course along with the ankle boots during my next outing with my girl friends!!!! :)
Shared give away on FB -

Sharu said...

Hey !! my fb page is .. i have liked and and obviously following ur lovely blog as SHARU :) <3

i have got a white base floral top with the SAME green collar !! i would love to pair it up with a blue denim and this wonderful green Zephyr bag to give a stunning look !! Hope u'd make the pairing up coming true ;)

dunja1988 said...

thanks for giveaway!
I would love to wear this green bag with denim shorts, white t-shirt, yellow blazer and high heels with floral print :))

I follow Street Style on FB: Dunja Blazevic, and on blogger: dunja_vk

I follow Zephyr Couture on FB: Dunja Blazevic

I share about this giveaway:!/dunjavk/status/200137569915252736

my e-mail adress is:

Nupur said...

I'd like to carry this lovely bag with a Tan Brown Shirt, Red Pants, Nude Pumps & Sunglassses for any casual outing! :)

> GFC Name: Nupur

> Fb Username: Emerald Love

> Email: nupur25.saxena(at)gmail(dot)com

> Fb Share Link:

Thanks a lot for the osm giveaway :D

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Love this bag.. Its perfect with a summery dress or resort wear... Following in GFC as Mitr Friend - Bhushavali.
Liked both in FB as Bhushavali Natarajan.
Shared in blog sidebar button at Fashion Panache

Megha said...

I would do mix and match with this awesome giveaway!
I am more of a 'who-cares' attitude girl, would carry it with a rugged Jeans, a full sleeve White shirt and a denim jacket! :)
this bag would go awe-apt with the denims!
Thank You for this giveaway. Looking forward to more. I am a new-bee following your blog! :D
My GFC Name: Megha Shrimali
My Facebook Name: Megha Shrimali
My email ID is:
and all the best for Blogging! :)

Hetal Shah said...

thanks for the giveaway! I would team this bag with any black outfit as the contrast would look great. The vibrant color represents life and feels alive so my bday would be the most ideal day to start to use it.Thanks.

pallavi tiwari said...

such a lovely bag...that would make a style statement on its own.
i would team it up with black or any dark colored trousers with light colored or floral print shirt with high heels and a tight pony tail.
occasion can be anything like office party,picnic with friends ,in short whatever the occasion is the bag will steal the show and make me look the best.
following on bloglovin follower 46,
liked fb page via Pallavi tiwari
following on twitter as well via missu_pal

Anonymous said...

I Believe Green color is considered to be one of the most spectacular and stunning among all the color shades. In fact, it is not wrong to say that the green color brings out the feminine beauty in real sense. Since this color has got its own elegance that is why these days the concept of green is very popular...It has been rightly said that the women’s biggest weakness is that they are too much dressing and accessory conscious. So whenever it comes to go for party, they want to dress up in such a great manner that everyone should see them with praising looks and for this purpose,and bag like this is fantasy of every woman...this Green bag has so much charm and elegance in it that it can be taken with a simple contrast tunic or any other type of western dress combined with high heels and little makeup and wollaaaa,its best suited for party occasions....i think this has so much charisma in it self that by owing only this piece ,one can become fashion icon...very beautifully designed and crafted and icing on the top is its unique design and gesture...For me having this is going to be my paradise of fashion in my kitty...i fell in love with this beauty...:) can't wait to have beautiful....loved it...

Following Street Style on Bloglovin--by kaur)

Following Street Style on GOOGle Friends Connect by- rajvinder kaur

Already following Street Style and Zephyr Couture on facebook(My facebook name)--Rajvinder kaur (Mailtorajvinder)

My Bolg Post about giveaway here is the Link--

My Email

Thank you for giving this opportunity to be part of this giveaway "Street Style"...:)

Dharini Chandrashekhar said...

A beach party would be the perfect excuse to carry this lovely bag. I would team it with a black and white polka dot shift dress,simple black pumps and top it with a big floppy hat and a black ribbon!


Miss.Sophie said...

To my 21st Birthday Bash !

I'll be wearing a faux Leather legging and a white tank combined with green or black shoes.

Mail :

themissus said...

I would casually carry this incredible bag out on the weekend with simple, black pieces so it stands out!


Thank you!

themissus said...

Following on blogger as themissus
Liked on Facebook as Elizabeth Phan


Falguni Trivedi said...

I have just bought a sleeveless tunic with green floral print,would pair it up with blue capris & a beads necklace ,this bag compliments my outfit & make me look glam,I will wear it for my office picnic to Matheran,to embrace style on the cool hill station.Just love this bag & want to win it.

Following the blog via GFC name:Falguni Trivedi

Liked both pages on Facebook,my FB name: Falguni Trivedi

Following on twitter from @trivedif

Following via bloglovin

Facebook status updated about the giveaway,pls check:

Email address:

Monika said...

I would love to pair this bag with my white UCB button down shirt & black denims. It will add the perfect pop of colour!!I will wear it for my holiday to Shillong.

Following the blog name:Monika (Monika Agarwal)
E mail- monika
Liked both pages on Facebook

manali sawant said...

i would wear this bag with a white sheer shirt and blue denim just to keep it casual yet stylish or wear it with a white t shirt and yellow shorts.