Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Summer Essentials

Hey guys,
How's the weekend coming along? For me it's been one hectic week which just flew by and now things to keep me busy at home even over the weekend. plus there was the big, big game last night ( read Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea) and my team lost.nevermind that.

Today I thought of doing a post on something I hardly talk hair and bath essentials..considering its summer time I reckon it is the best time to put this post out..

Ok, so I am a self-confessed hoarder of showers gels, body scrubs anything that I can stock up in my bathroom. You won't believe it I bought 12, yes 12 shower gels from Victoria's Secret at one go when I was in New York last summer. you can't blame me the sales were on.

Tell me/write to me if you guys love to pile up toiletries..
So here is a look at what all I am using these days



From Left to Right- Jardins du Monde Duschcreme from Yves Rocher, H&M Pear & Basil body scrub, Kerastase bain Divalent balancing shampoo, hydra specific foam cleanser by Yves Rocher, Kerastase thermo reactive conditioner, Coconut orchid and musk body wash by Victoria's Secret, Bodyshop Honey & oat 3-in-1 scrub mask 


Kellina's Thoughts said...

i have the same issue with toiletries!

i keep on buying things - as I cannot imagine myself ending up without something.
And yes, like you I do sometimes have a massive amount of the same kind of products - just as if they will never stock it again!

Oh well - its not really a waste though - you always use up such things!

June said...

Wow that is a large but tempting collection. I tend to use three of everything at a time. Not more because my bathroom is too small to display more
I Want It All

Sweta said...

I am found of moisturizer and body mists... I also bought 12 of them from VS last time(Sale was there)..... :D