Friday, June 18, 2010

Bringing in my birthday---June 9,2010

This is what I wore as my husband took me out for a lovely dinner in Prague by the riverside...but to our dismay it started to rain a few hours before we were to go out.. and that too after three consecutive hot, hot days with temperatures running up to as much as 33 degrees..but anyway, we managed to have a great time in this fancy place Hergetova Cihelna on the bank of Prague's Vltava river .

I wore my new jumpsuit I got from American Apparel, just love everything that they make..virtually live in their running shorts, very retro and 70's--everything about them..Wore this purple belt I got from Laly, a vintage store in Prague..check them out at


Sovina said...

Hap Hap Happy Birthday..a gemini? me too? doing my birthday post tomorrow. You look fab- the clutch, the belt, the shoes everything...Stay pretty:)


Street Style said...

thanksss,my birthday was on June 9
yeah it started to rain so couldn't go all out and dress

happy birthday to u in advance!
cheers to the gemini brigade

Tanvi said...

A very Happy Belated Birthday! Before it's a month late at least :) Love that jumpsuit. It looks fabulous on you :) .... Prague is a wonderful city. I had been there before marriage. Can't wait to visit again with husband now!!!

P.S. Followin' you on bloglovin' now :)

Street Style said...

Yeah, Prague is lovely and I was lucky to have spent my birthday there this year...

And yes you should visit Prague with your husband soon!!