Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eclectic Colours

It finally stopped to rain today here in Bombay. Went out shopping for some home stuff curtains, grocery et al..Stepped out of the elevator and saw this huge, red truck parked inside my apartment building. Made for a perfect background on a muggy day like this...bright and red, what more could I ask for..Ran for my camera and here are the pics:)

I wore a printed, high-waisted skirt--thrifted
Striped tee from H&M
Belt from New Yorker
Gladiators from H&M
But the best part was carrying this new bag I picked up from Prague. This is from Flamingo Park check it out, I picked a lot of stuff from there, it's so my kind of place.


jso style said...

Liking the mixing prints and love love love the tote. I tilt towards everything with owls. Your tote is beautiful :)

Street Style said...

thanks so much.
oh!i fell in love with this store. check them out online. it's an amazing concept store.lovely stuff.i wish i could own a place like that:)

Saray said...

I would love to go to India. Sure is an enigmatic site!!:)
good blog!

Street Style said...

thanks,you can follow my page on facebook as well

Was in your city last month and just loved all the vintage stores at Riera Baixa totally:)

Saray said...

thank you very much!!
've decided to write my blog in English, but not too perfect lol Hopefully you'll understand my next post!!!:)

Street Style said...

That will be super
Keep giving feedback,it's always welcome!

Sovina said...

love the combination of prints & are totally rocking this the tote too..thanks for your lovely comments on the blog :)

Keep rocking

Street Style said...

thanks,yeah am in love with anything printed and stripey so tried mixing

looks like it worked:)

Xiquita Tulip said...

Follow you excellent blog and I hope
you do the same in my hope in you

Street Style said...

thanks xiquita:)
will surely take a look follow ur blog:)

Sovina said...

loved your latest one on style pile..came here to check if you have posted more pictures post if u have some..lovely florals..simple and chic :)


libys11 said...

love your take on the stripes and florals trend!!! that's a great outfit! :D

Animated Confessions

Street Style said...
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Street Style said...

@Sovina--Thannks so much,that pic was taken some months bak--the blogging bug hadn't bit me then--but i only had started my facebook page then:)do check it out when u get time
@libys--thanks for stopping by:)
yes,tried the prints with the stripes and it din't look too bad

Vogue Vibes said...

Good stuff!!....would be coming back for more ;-)

Street Style said...

@vogue vibes--
thanks so much:)
much appreciated!