Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ooops am back!


Guys, I know I haven't posted for almost a month now, just that I have been on holiday and before that things just kept me so so busy. I know that's not an excuse but nevermind.

Here I am taking some time out while I am on a holiday, Budapest to be precise, and posting some pictures I took while I was in Barcelona. A detailed post will follow.

Also I have so much to show you all of what I discovered in Barcelona, the amazing vintage stores, small designer shops. Will post them all when I get back home in a week. For now here are two very dressed down looks for Barca was sunny and nice, the aim was to enjoy the sun and oh so sexy weather.

My denim obsession continues...
First look:Faux denim tunic from Lokhandwala, Bombay
Dotted orange leggings from H&M,
Jazz shoes from Topshop,
Black cardigan Benetton and neck piece---old, old one from Six.Here white sequined top, Chemistry

Second look: Shirt tunic, faux denim, Chemistry
Lowers H&M and shoes fr


Sovina said...

Love the denim feel of the dresses..and absolutely adore what you are wearing in the first pic..and those shoes are pretty..

Street Style said...

thanks so much Sovina..
yeah you can embellish denim with so much stuff...they are my current favourite. next is a bag!!

Vintage Obsession said...

I like the faux jean look , have been living in similar clothes for a while now :)
Shoes-- total heart heart situation:-)

Street Style said...

am in love with these shoes too since i bought them from Topshop.had been looking for a while in India, now finally lay my hands on it:)