Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ahh!the rains...


It's been raining pretty much incessantly for the last few days here in Bombay. With rains it's always a mixed feeling I get--that of extreme happiness cause it's cooler and things look so much brighter and nicer but with that comes a sense of irritation what with the traffic snarls, muddy roads et al.

Although, if you're lucky enough to stay indoors, there is nothing like listening to some music, read a book right next to the window and soak in the rains..

Here is how I went out and braved the weather--I absolutely love this vintage butterfly hair clip I got from this store called Bazaar in Barcelona..makes the look so retro!!Hope you guys like it..

Faux denim pants--Zara,Top-Chemistry,Yellow polka dot pumps--Tresmode,Vintage butterfly clip-- Bazaar,Barcelona,Red Striped Scarf--NewYorker,Bag--RetroCity


Surabhi said...

love your top. Would love to get a closer look at the hair clip.

Street Style said...

hey surabhi,
thanks,will upload a pic of the clip for you asap.


Sovina said...

lovely pants...love the scarf too:))

Street Style said...

@sovina--thanks, yeah the pants are my current favourite..retro to the t..

Tangerine Fairy said...

I like the yellow heels with the outfit...completes the outfit.

Street Style said...
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Street Style said...

@Tangerine Fairy--Yeah,they are yellow/white polka dot pumps..make any outfit bright and the rains call for anything bright and colorful.Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment..loved the pictures I saw on your blog:)