Friday, July 9, 2010

My blog in the Times of India about vintage shopping in Barcelona

Vintage 101

My post in the Times of India. It talks about my vintage shopping experiences in Barcelona, Prague and Budapest will follow soon, if I am not too lazy.

Indie, second-hand and vintage--those are my wardrobe essentials or should I say preferences considering I am still at a nascent stage of my collection.

All you vintage lovers know that these vintage beauties be it music, art or clothing don't come easy. You need to 'find' them. So, I buckled up and went on my big vintage hunt recently, like I usually do while visiting new places,. This time around in Barcelona and later in Prague and Budapest in an effort to spruce up that vintage wardrobe of mine. I must admit, the Catalan capital is a must visit for every vintage lover--there's something for everyone.

Le Swing

The majority of vintage and indie stores in Barcelona are located in the narrow streets of Riera Baixa and Carrers Tallers in the El Raval district so this makes it easy for tourists scouting those great finds.

Start by getting a great dose of retro bags, belts and dresses from the 70's and 80's accessories at La Vella Maia, Lullaby, Lailo and Polly Maggoo. Most of the second hand stuff is decently priced but the rare vintage pieces can set you back by a quite a bit. I got myself a few bags, a very retro pair of geeky glasses and a vintage printed skirt. If you want some great looking vintage gowns, you should head to Le Swing (pictured above) which has a mix of vintage and second-hand pieces on boutique prices so they are mostly expensive. You will get to dig on some classic antiques here with designer names such as Chanel, Vuitton's original pieces on display here. I noticed some unique headpieces and veils-- vintage kitsch at it's best

Holala! Plaza

Another chain of vintage, second-hand stores in the El Raval area is Holala!Plaza--the store is more like a vintage art gallery. It even boasts of an actual gallery inside the store where exhibitions are
held. Easily the biggest of all the stores I visited in the district--
Holala! has a museum like feel to it. The store also stocks vintage
furniture and has 'vintage' written all over it's walls- quite

For an eclectic mix of retro sunglasses head to Wilde Vintage on El Raval. The Japanese owner of the store is super friendly and will give you details on each of the glasses stocked in the store.You will be able to spot some rare stuff here and can get your hands on models from designer brands ranging from Christian Dior to Gianfranco Ferre along with some great Japanese brands. The prices at the store start from around €70.

And if you want a break from the vintage search, you can drop in for a quick drink in one of the hip bars--mostly crowded by locals in contrast to the touristy La Ramblas, a ten minute walk from the Raval. Better still go vinyl hunting in one of the numerous record stores to satiate your music needs. You may get some very cheap but rare vinyls for just about €5-10 if you have the time and the patience to go through the record bins.

Besides, the Raval district also take a dekko at Carrer de Ferran, Barri Gotic, notably a store called Ecco. This place has a wonderful collection of some artistic accessories by an Argentinian designer Silvia Mariasis. Silvia uses the work of artists such as Theo van Doesburg and Gustav Klimt on earrings, rings (pictured below), bracelets and neck piece.

You will also find a lot of Catalan influence in her work with a collection dedicated to the famous Catalan architect Gaudi.

I will be back with more about vintage stores and my finds very soon. Till then why don't you guys let me know where you go vintage shopping --music, clothes, furniture the Indian way? Share your experiences on


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Giiirrrrrrrrlll!! I just went over and read your vintage shopping/hopping saga and I loooooovvee it!! Those photos are absolutely dreamy and I'm so so envious of you right now! :P :)

Street Style said...

thanks so much tamanna:)
am glad you liked the TOI post..Yes, these stores are as much of a visual treat as they are for the products that they store..

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