Friday, July 9, 2010

Into the Greens!


The rains have really been unstoppable in Bombay the last few days..I was caught in the traffic yesterday and managed to reach home in more than 2 hours from one end of the the state of affairs in this city..

Anyway, away from the check on the weather, the greenery that comes along with the monsoons is a treat to the eyes..rare spectacle in this city--And I am lucky enough to stay in wide open spaces--kind of rare in Bombay..

I discovered this huge patch of green land next to my house which looked so beautiful after the rains I had to capture it or rather ask my husband to do it for me..

Here are some pictures..I wore Bubble hem skirt with elastic band--New Yorker,Pale pink tunic tucked inside as a top--Benetton, Long Cotton Cardigan--W.E Fashion, Gladiators--H&M, Earrings- Ecco,Barcelona


Vogue Vibes said...


Sovina said...

love your skirt..perfect for summers..also the pictures are beautiful...

Street Style said...

thanks vogue vibes and sovina.