Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A day at the movies!


Aastha dragged me to watch--Aisha--I don't wanna talk about the movie since it's got enough bad press,chuckles:)So,the lesser said the better.Like one of my friends wrote on his review site"It's sewage packed in a Dior handbag"

Check the review here

As for the clothes that we wore:-
Aastha's skirt from Latin Quarters, bag from Sri Leathers, top from forever new... no clue where chappals are from!!
Samidha's floral romper--Promod,Bag--Retro city,Barcelona,


Tanvi said...

Love Your shoes Samidha!! :) Really do!

bollywoodstylediaries said...

Love Aastha skirt and bag and Samidha's floral romper..How was the fashion in Aisha? uptp ur expectations..who cares abt the story or acting:-)

Vogue Vibes said...

Samidha totally lusting over yr Shoes!!!

Abhijeet Singh-"TIGER" said...

nice dresses n morover dat nice photography.
Good Choice.

Street Style said...

@tanvi,vogue vibes-thanks so much.have worn it once since i bought it,should wear it more:)
@bollywoodstyediaries--thanks!!that movie put me off!!the clothes were nice but if you got that much to spend it's easy to create a stylish wardrobe--just pick up all the designer brands and you're set!!
@abhijeet--thanks!great you like the pictures.