Saturday, August 28, 2010

Just some fun..

We at Street Style decided to kickstart the weekend with some casual chic..while samidha dressed in a girly high waisted frilly skirt, the tone is more grey and white, aastha chose a very sharp look to get into the saturday evening party mood...the touch of red in both the looks just adds that much fun, just right for the weekend:)



Samidha's skirt--zara, red neckpiece-promod,vintage bag--barcelona
Aastha's skirt & shoes borrowed from Samidha, tunic worn as top--chemistry

and yes, we hope to be more regular with our blogging;)


Gulabo said...

The third picture is SO SO cute!Bows at the back of the strap?It can't get better and very well photographed.Errr... could you please post the pictures without processing so we get to see the colours better,please.This is not to say that these aren't nice but just in case.

UB said...

Lovely photos!Likey like :)


ps-now following you :)

Ritcha - Indian Fashionista said...

Loved the look and feel of the post..


Magali said...

The style is wonderful, & I love love love the dreamy camera effects that are giving it the vintage look! Damn. I have been getting cameras imported from Japan just to get a similar look, but am not getting it. Which camera are you guys using? Please tell me & I'll love you for life!

Street Style said...

@gulabo-thanks so much..will put up some pics but the colors are more or less the same:)
@UB, Ritcha--thanks, it's great that you guys liked the pics.
@Magali--thanks a ton..the camera is a normal digital camera, i use photoshop and few other stuff, nothing major really..i am myself looking to buy a good DSLR soon.

CutePriya said...

Loved their style...the skirts are too cute and the bow shoes are...oh so shweet


Ashley said...

Cute loos, both of them! I love the pops of red!


Street Style said...

Thanks Priya and Ashley.

Vibhuti said...

Ooooo Lovelovelove this blog.
Discovered you over at stylepile.
And am so happy to be here.
You ar ethe next fashionista duo that Ill be madly following..:D
DO hop over to my blog too
Would be obliged..:D

Street Style said...

Thanks so much Vibhuti..great that you like what we are doing..great to get feedback good and bad:))