Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage covers of Harper's Bazaar

Found these amazing,vintage covers of Harper's Bazaar,which is the oldest fashion magazine in the world.Yes,it's not Vogue!!

Love the Victorian era covers of the 1800's and the 1950's and 60's of course,thanks to Andy Warhol.


First Cover--1867: The first issue of Bazaar, devoted to fashion and literature, published on November 2.


Cover of October 3, 1868 issue of Harper's Bazaar


1899: New York society doyenne Mrs. John Jacob Astor.


1958: A violet shift dress, as styled by Vreeland, is still the epitome of chic today


Look at this illustration for beauty products by Warhol,just mind-blowing.



1956 Cover


bollywoodstylediaries said...

I want that violet shift!!

Lisa Griffin said...

totally thought it was vogue..and my they have come a long way!

Street Style said...

@bollywoodstyediaries--yes,isn't it adorable:)
@lisa--yes,most people think it's Vogue--but i simply love harper's bazaar!!

Sovina said...

these covers are such a welcome break from the usual model loaded covers we see these days..i wish they put more thought and creativity in covers these days rather than just making the model look pretty..

Street Style said...

i swear!!it's so easy these days--compared to all these arty its only about getting a big star and some great styling unlike yesteryears when magazine covers were pieces of art.imagine,andy warhol doing the cover for harper's bazaar--how cool is that!!!

Ashley said...

So cool! Loving them all, but especially the last one! Thanks for posting these, I always love checking out vintage magazines!


Street Style said...

Thanks Ashley:)
Great you liked the stuff..